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Username (nickname if you wish): Narnia
Partner Pokemon: Skarmory

Favorite Flying typed Pokemon and why:

I have a lot of favourite flying-types! They're my favourite type and naturally I love all of them quite a bit. If I had to choose it'd be a tie between Skarmory/Drifloon or Tropius. They all used to be Pokemon that when I first started out, I didn't think would be anywhere near my favourites. I was wrong, completely. I love all three of them for different reasons. Pokemon don't have to be huge and ferocious, to be great team members. Drifloon is a shining example of this. So many times I've placed this cheerful balloon on my team, so many times have I trusted and loved it like an old friend. Drifloon will forever be one of my favourite Pokemon, I don't care if it compares nowhere near Hydreigon! I've loved it since.. I can't even remember. It just shines for me, just like how certain Pokemon shine for others.

Skarmory is an interesting one. I can't remember why I started liking it. I mean the eyes always used to scare me, but over time I realised it was quite special. Come on, think about it! Birds generally can even get weighed down by rain. But look at this- a bird made of steel! That's pretty wicked in my eyes. Plus I can't tell you how many times Skarmory has saved me in competitive and in-game battles.

Finally, Tropius! I've only taken a liking to it recently. Like, two weeks ago? But yeah, it's a really cool dinosaur! I've never used one but I'm slowly taking a liking to its design and its typing is pretty cool, I've got to say.

Are there any Pokemon that you feel should be Flying typed but aren't?

Actually I consider flying anything with wings/or anything levitating off the ground which sounds quite silly, but yeah. Although I've gotta say I can't actually think of anything that isn't flying to be retyped into flying.