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    Since I was born practically when the games came out (I was born in late 1995), I wasn't able to start playing right away. I watched the anime as a kid on Cartoon Network and fell in love. I found out that there were games and, well pardon my language, I flipped ****. I had my parents buy me Red and Yellow, and my older sister, who was sort of a fan of the series, got Blue. When I found out about the Generation 2 games, I once again, flipped ****. My older sister fell out of the series, so I got all three games myself. At this point, I had a large collection of trading cards, toys/figures, movies, etc. I was obsessed. Sadly, after a while, I fell out of the series. Got rid of everything (I regret it to this day).

    Around the time of HG/SS's release, I got back in to the series. Before the games were released, I downloaded an emulator on my computer and played the ROM of Emerald. I later played the other two but that wasn't for a few years. I got both games for Christmas the year they were released. I played SS and let a friend of my sisters borrow HG (I haven't seen it since, I'm very mad). I beat it and loved the idea of the PokeWalker. Eventually B/W came out, I got White because I liked Zekrom. Eventually I transferred everything from SS to White. About two months ago I got B2, eventually traded everything from White and now here we are. Anticipating X and Y.
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