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Pokemon Origin Crisis is a retooling of my first attempt into the brutal world of fan-game creation, Pokemon Origins (not to be confused with Pokemon Origin in the Games Showcase or a planned MMO of the same name). I did not get very far in my attempt for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which was bad planning. After being on the verge of giving it up for a number of months, my interest was suddenly and quite thoroughly rekindled by a few ideas I hadn't considered before. I plan on approaching this project 100% differently this time around, and it is my hope that the extensive list of what not to dos I've accumulated over time will be nothing short of beneficial to this endeavor.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

In ancient times, before the creation trio came into being, there existed a Pokemon legend refers to as the Bringer of Chaos. Commanding control of time, space, and the dimensions, this Pokemon delighted in wreaking havoc among the emerging civilizations sprinkled throughout the world. As a counterbalance to the Bringer's immense power, another Pokemon, the Controller of Fate, was said to hide amongst the shadows gently guiding individuals back toward their intended path.

After many years of struggle between the two thought of as deities, the Controller became overwhelmed. Now unchallenged, the Bringer's previously near-playful interventions turned malevolent. Fearing the impending destruction of its beloved world, the Original One intervened and split the Bringer and its powers into three separate entities: Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.

Not everyone believes this version of the legend. A group calling themselves the Descendents have made it their goal to prove to the world how very wrong they are.


You are a member of the Descendents, a secretive but powerful group feared throughout the general populace of the Hovak region for the heinous experiments they are rumored to conduct on Pokemon. You know that the Bringer is real because you've seen it -- if only briefly. You joined the Descendents specifically because of what you were promised the Bringer could do for you once your leader discovers how to control it. As a member of a group well known for hiding their faces behind masks, you are forced to lead a double life. But, you would do anything if it meant even a shot at having your greatest desire fulfilled.

Logan/Natalia - You are a troubled youth from Taha Island who was raised by your sister after your mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances several years ago. You aren't a bad person, but you are willing to remain blissfully unaware of the full extent of the Descendents doings if it means accomplishing your goal.

Dorian - Your rival and a fellow member of the Descendents. He feels that you have received unfairly favorable treatment within the group considering your recent membership. The fact that he is the leader's son may have something to do with it.

Professor Laurel - A Pokemon professor residing on Taha's neighboring island, Adia. She's considered to be eccentric even amongst other researchers.

The Descendent's Leader
- As secretive as the Descendents are, none can claim to be more enigmatic than their leader. Almost no one in the group is aware of his true identity, but they are very aware of what happens to dissenters...

Kaiya - Your sister and a Pokemon researcher. You haven't seen much of her since she took off to pursue her dream of following in her mother's footsteps, but she does check in every once in a while. She is not, however, aware of your association with the Descendents.

All of the features listed below are planned but not tested. While I will do my utmost to incorporate all of them, it probably wouldn't be prudent to set anything in stone this early in development.

Switch between normal clothing and Descendent attire.
NPCs will react differently toward you depending on what you are wearing, which can be a benefit or a hindrance.
Depending upon whether or not you knock before entering a house, the owner(s) may have different reactions.
As a member of the Descendents, you will periodically be assigned tasks. Some will be optional but have rewards attached, while others are required to progress the story.
Throughout the region, you will encounter dimensional rifts caused by the Bringer. This could be anything from a city that shifts time periods randomly to a daycare center that's capable of producing hybrids of particular Pokemon combinations.
Pokedollars stored in a bank cannot be lost in battle and will gain interest over time. As a counterbalance, Pokedollars owed to the Descendents, for failed assignments and the like, are taken directly out of your bank account.
Pocket PC
Listen to music, access a limited version of your Pokemon boxes, check your account balance, receive messages, and keep an eye on your news feed.

Will update as needed.