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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post

Very interesting reveals from Shadow Specters' full set spoiler. Labradorite Dragon is a new level 6 Normal (!!) Dragon-Type Tuner. This is actually important, because with some clever manipulation we can in fact make Starform Dragon in Hieratics, which is at least something to think about. Plus there's nothing to be actually lost by playing it, since aside from the loss of a Tempest target (Luster Dragon #2) there's no reason not to play this guy. (The necessary level 5 could be either Eset / Nebthet or Curse of Dragon / Parrot Dragon, the latter is a Tempest target without any loss of offensive stats - not that we care about those but still.)
This and Stoic Challenge is one reason I have picked up Hieratics again. I love the deck and have since they came out, but not played them for over a year, but now I am getting back into them; OTK heaven.

Also, sorry, only just had a chance to update the OP... done now.