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Awful series like Fairy Tail coming out with something like 6 chapters in 2 weeks and not awful ones like Bleach and One Piece having all these breaks. I guess if it means the final chapters are better then it'll be worth it.

SS Voidswapped whilst the head tactical commander is away talking to some high school students. Not the best start to his reign.

That 'in 5 days time the soul society will be annihilated by the vsndenreich' warning seems to be about to happen. He spent one day in the healing sauna, 3 days with renji down and the swords guy, the next morning with his dad and then the afternoon getting his sword done. so that sounds about right.

I wonder what Ichigo's new power would do to the world. I wonder if it'd be like his old one making those close to him spiritually aware but on a world scale. They could eventually end up with another Quincy type situation if that happened.

Keigo is Aizen.
Tatsuki is a Vandenreich spy.