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Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
Hoenn won't and shouldn't be remade in the near future because it wasn't an 8-bit game; it isn't that special old class of games which 'deserve', as it were, remakes due to relatively significant technological advancement since their time. Even the first generation remakes are third generation themselves, so if one will remake Hoenn, why not Kanto a second time? Well, that's rhetorical. The bottom line is that the current franchise (broad changes to narrative style since the fifth generation) is profitable; a Hoenn remake 'only' has all that much appeal to existing fans and is therefore more financially risky and becomes more risky the older the original games become as less of the older fans still care.
I agree, pretty much. I wasn't playing when these games came out so I don't have nostalgia goggles for them, but it does seem like there isn't a whole lot that would change if these games were remade aside from some graphics updates. There are differences between now and then, yes, but the developments we've gotten won't be game-changers, so to speak.

I would much rather see new games come out. I guess in that respect I'm one of the less caring fans.