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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I voted for Scraggy/Scrafty and Other. Other being Cacturne.

I'm not really a fan of Dark-types, but these have been fun to use in the games, especially Scrafty.
I remember HATING the scraggy line initially, but I've warmed up to it, especially after seeing Ash's scraggy; he's a funny little guy.

Cacturne? Noooo. My only real dislikes are Cacturne and Crawdaunt.

Originally Posted by jellicentfan1 View Post
I voted for the Murkrow, Purrloin, and Vullaby lines. There are many dark types that I like but those are the 3 that stick out to me the most! Vullaby and Mandibuzz are extremely underrated and I love them <3
I also "like" the Mandibuzz line. It actually does have a really nice design as far as the bone-skirt, and tribal ponytail strung together with a bone.

Mandibuzz is actually my number 3, but I decided to only go with my two favorites.
#Team Popplio & Brionne