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Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
wow, this is really cool, I love the idea and fully support this - If you need some sort of spriting (not really pokemon though) I'll try to help
as for the clothing thing, can you change anywhere? is it in your bag and you change? is it in a closet? also, do people come up to you in disdain? or if you just ignore talking to people, will it not matter? how will the PC react? do they refuse healing your pokemon? are you refused the ability to buy anything at the Pokemart?
the distortion sounds AWESOME, are you saying that the graphics might change from (lets say) gen 3 to gen 2? or gen 2 to gen 4?
Glad you like it!
Have you got any sprite examples?

I've been tossing around ideas for the clothing switch feature. I figured it wouldn't make sense to be able to do it in front of anyone, but along the same grain, now that you mention it, you probably shouldn't be able to do it in the middle of the street, either. There'll probably be some sort of designated area.

As I envision it now, there will be police officers who'll approach you if you're in Descendent clothing. Since I'm already wanting to include a knocking feature, it shouldn't be too much to tie an automatic reaction dependent on what you're wearing into that. There will also be situations where you'll have to use the clothes changing strategically, such as during missions or events. Otherwise, for random NPCs around town, only their dialogue will change. Perhaps there's more I can incorporate into that, like scaring shopkeepers into giving you discounts, etc. There's a lot that can potentially be done with this.

As for the graphic change, I actually hadn't considered that. That's a really nifty idea, though it might be a bit jarring to wander into a town with vastly different graphics.
It's something to consider, definitely. I appreciate the idea (and would, of course, credit you if I used it). In my mind, I imagined graphics from a single generation, but altering the tiles and whatnot to be more futuristic or archaic, etc.