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Originally Posted by lauerolus View Post
The quest based nature of it, from the banking note, sounds pretty solid along with the dimensional crisis angle. What generations are you including?

Also, "Hovak."
Thank you.
I'm honestly pretty excited to see how it plays out in-game myself.

I'll probably include a few Pokemon from each generation, including VI since it will undoubtedly have been released by the time this game is completed.

I intend to have some original Pokemon as well, though. The legendaries and starters are particularly important.

When you mentioned the region name, was that a good thing or a bad thing?

Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
hm, after I finish remaking the first post of my thread you can see examples there, other than that, I dont really post much of my work,
as for the clothing thing, I have it so you change clothes in your closet at home, maybe you could create a base system like in Ruby and Sapphire, where you make secret bases and stuff, and inside you have a closet so you can change - however maybe you could wear a mask or something to hide your face, since it would seem weird no one would recognize you simply because you changed clothes
and I always wanted to add the whole "generation graphic change" it seemed like such a really cool idea, but I never really found a believable way to add it like you have - all I have is time travel but dimensional rifts sound awesome
I would be very interested in seeing them once they become available. I'm assuming the thread you're referring to is the one linked in your signature?

The base system isn't a bad idea, though I'm not sure I want to reuse something that's already been done and is unique to a specific game. It's definitely something to consider, though. Maybe update the system a bit.

I sort of alluded to this fact in my first post, but I just realized I didn't state it outright. The Descendents actually DO where masks. That's where the player character's double life comes in.

I'm suddenly reminded of Superman, who apparently is surrounded by people who require a specific outfit to be able to tell individuals apart.