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Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
I've avoided this thread for long enough, but I guess I'll add in my 2¢ about the Zimmerman case..

Honestly, I was upset to see that Zimmerman got away with what he did. It may be true that he didn't murder Martin, but what I dislike him about is that he clearly did not follow Sanford Police's orders when they told him not to follow after Martin. That, my friends, is being a vigilante. However, I do believe that Zimmerman is at fault and he should have been proven guilty of murder (or manslaughter), because he used lethal force against Martin, which is a stronger force than fists. Not only was this case a trial against a crime Zimmerman was convicted of, it was a challenge to Florida's 'stand your ground' self-defense law.
A dispatcher isn't the police, and they can't give legal binding orders or they can be legally held liable. Manslaughter is the intent to kill someone with malice, so he can't be charged with that since all he did was defend himself. He used lethal force because he was well within his rights to do so, considering he was almost beaten to death. However I believe he didn't intend to kill Treyvon, since he could only fire his gun blindly(I'd like to see you see well with your face covered in blood from a broken nose and it's raining at night).
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