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    I'm completely happy with all Pokémon in my party! I've never switched/rotated them with PC'ed Pokes.

    I gave 'em all Latin names xD

    Noxium (Means glow) - M Espeon Lv. 81
    Tenebris (Means darkness) - M Umbreon Lv. 81
    Aestus (Means warmth/heat) - M Flareon Lv. 81
    Ensis (Means blade) - M Leafeon Lv. 81
    Velox (Means swift/rapid) - M Crobat Lv. 81
    Nix (Means snow) - F Lapras Lv. 81

    Leafeon replaced my Tangrowth (poor thing was too slow to keep up) after my first elite 4 playthrough.
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