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    After B2/W2 I was thinking perhaps in the future there could be a sequel to Gen 1. It would be 10 years after the events of RBY. Giving how much actually elapsed I think that is a good time frame. What would you write the storyline to be? How much of the landscape would you change? Hero/Villains? How would you rediscover Kanto?

    I would have Red's Mom and Blue's Sister move out of Pallet town. (No reason given) Have Professor Oak retire move to another city in Kanto. Blue would take over as Professor to continue the story line of him being a researcher. Probably age him a little bit (Unlike Ash -_-). Starters would remain the same.

    I would redraw the Kanto map. After so many years things would change naturally. Not sure how though.

    I would start the game with a prologue showing the events of Gold beating Red at Mt Silver (No it would not be around in this game) and Red becomes distressed and leaves. Do the normal set ups as any starting journey. Collect 8 badges I would probably change a few badge with different leaders. Keep Brock and Misty for the Gen 1ers. Re-introduce Team Rocket at Mt Moon. (Have some flash backs from the Giovanni disbanded Rocket.)

    Do proper leads ups and standard build ups leading up to reveal the new Team Rocket leader as Red. (perhaps many of you saw this coming) The Prologue could be left out to make a "wow" factor that much better.

    I would take the way they have the Elite Four in Gen five. Probably change everything about the Elite Four and MAYBE change Lance. I mean Lance would be pretty old lol.

    Anyway that would be my take on it.
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