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    Originally Posted by lmcde22 View Post
    There's like 80% of the Pokemon fanbase that want this. THey can't just ignore it... can they? :/ there has been 9 games since Gen III... Red and green got a re-make after 5... I think we Gen III fans deserve this... and we deserve it in 3 dimensions
    Actually the fans clamoring for the remakes aren't that high in number. The most vocal are the minorities so really it would be about 20-30% of the fans want the remakes. Maybe 60% don't care, the rest get pulled into different fields. I mean if you make a post in any given area, a lot of the people that respond "positively" to it would be names that pretty much appear here, Serebii, and Bulba, maybe Smogon and other large name fan sites, but a lot of them are on all the sites or multiple sites.

    Locally where I am, majority of the fans (this is over 100 people as I met a ton of people in college that play Pokemon) about 80 do not want remakes...any kind of remake. 20% would not mind, but don't see any major need for such things. I'm with the 20%. I'd like them sure, I'd buy them despite them being maybe my second least favorite behind Johto.