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um props to everyone who managed to not explode into tears at this point :x

But I have one interesting point people seems to have missed - wasn't Zimmerman Hispanic (or part idek Zimmerman is a German case) or something? So why does this show racism between black and white communities?

Then again, Mexicans are also known to dislike blacks (if George Lopez can be trusted) so I wouldn't know.

But that's besides the point. What I'm trying to get at, is that if that was true, wouldn't the protests in Oakland, LA, etc. of black people seem kinda overdoing it?

And even if this is a case of black v. white, are the riots overreacting?

I personally think they are…I mean, idek…I would be pretty mad also, but protests? They…um…I am speechless.

Originally Posted by Zet View Post
Oh my God, you're right! I completely forgot people don't require oxygen to live. To think that silly blood going back up through his nose and in his mouth rendered him unable to breathe.
ngl you guys using emotions to judge right now…what we need in situations like these are rational, non-biased minds (or portions of minds).

This applies to everyone talking here. I'm not handing out infractions even if I wanted to (because I can't), but rather this is just a plea for you guys to start using some rational thought. Because tbh this is just as bad as the Republicans who are like "ghey ppl r horribl" except it's socially acceptable. Wtf really guys? I don't mean to insult but this is what is wrong with our society. I fully support reason and freedom of choice and all that ****, but with that comes a responsibility to act rationally when possible, even if against what your emotions are.
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