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Okay so

Time for a completely honest take on this

So. Who was Trayvon Martin?

Was he a nice kid, studying for the SAT, trying to make people eat their preconceptions about thuggy black kids?

Did he have lots of nice friends from various races? Did he pick his based on commitment to studying, or they were nice?

Was he timid?

If so, I would say that this is a racial killing. From what I would know of him, he wouldn't have wanted to get into any trouble, wouldn't have wanted to have himself in the possibility of getting shot.

However, what if he was "thuggy"?

Just embraced that black people were gonna be *****s, and went with it?

Or otherwise, was he one of the mean pseudo-"ghetto" teenagers? And trust me, I know they exist in every color and race so this has nothing to do about being black.

In that case, it would go either way. He's not innocent - he would be willing to kick some ass if it came down to that.

So there's that.

And I believe he was suspended when the incident happened, so i that's true, we can see something about his school behavior reflected…

Though if not, it could go either way.
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