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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    I've seen a few people making (moon/sun - or lunar/solar - or morning/night) game, it would be cool if they pooled their resources, and worked together on 1 game

    regardless - I like the new design of the summary thing, keep it up
    Lol I have seen many of them, but mine is the most unique as my doesn't feature the mascot legendaries holding the power of sun and moon, instead my game shows them guarding them (although solavier and lunellero can use a quarter of it).

    Anyways I'm gonna change the water starter to a shark as I've seen the design above is not so good.

    Here's the family tree of all starters:

    Chiwittle - the woodpecker pokemon.
    Chikin - the rock bird pokemon
    Rohunt - the Hunting pokemon.

    Flauri - the romantic pokemon
    Undecided - the romantic pokemon
    Flaeomance - the cupid pokemon.

    Shteam - steam pokemon
    Sharjet - the steam boat pokemon
    Transhark - the vehicle pokemon.

    Excited to see their looks? Coming soon.