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    ADDENDUM: If you recognize the character from the picture, yes, it's who you think it is ... that character from that certain E(nglish)VN series. I had to crop a bit of the image (and then a lot, to make it fit within the space), but it's probably worth anyways, usefulness/accuracy of representation-wise.

    Yes, I'm still working on it. It took a bit of mental concepting, because the hot-blooded pseudo-Digimon-protagonist idea doesn't really fit my image of this character, so I had to go back to the drawing board =(.

    Update: everything slightly less WIP. Just the background section remains. Translations might not be 100% accurate. Mouseover certain things for hidden stuff / semi-explanatory notes?

    Name: Han Lingwei, but if you need a more standard name to call her, Lily will do.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15

    Body: Possessing a lithe figure and skin whose pallor belies the recreational tendencies of its owner, Lingwei does not present a countenance that is particularly in line with her preferences and personality. Standing at 167 cm, she is of above average height for someone of her age, and weighs surprisingly little for someone with her frame (only approximately 55 kg, or 122 lbs). Her hair, medium-short and colored a sort of off-white with a hint of bluish-grey, is organized into a pleasantly messy hairstyle, long distended side bangs held in place with hairclips to avoid interfering with the front fringe. The color of her eyes, light brown with a trace of red, is reminiscent of fallen leaves and autumn, calling to mind a quiescent coolness. Her general stance is one of ease, following the proverb that stillness is preferable to erratic movement.

    Clothing: Prizing comfort and freedom of movement just as highly as elegance (if not more so), her casual attire often consists of some sort of short-sleeved garment as well as a black, medium-length skirt. The nature of the blouse is typically mutable, as she is able to accessorize based on what color she favors that day, but its design rarely fails to draw inspiration from the qipao; the appearance of her skirt, on the other hand, is much more unlikely to change, due to both the complementary nature of other pieces of her outfit and the fact that black fits well with essentially anything. A pair of long fingerless silk gloves and polished knee-high boots, both items matching the color of the aforementioned skirt, round out the ensemble. Against harsher weather, she typically dons a black-and-red loose-fitting trenchcoat, able to defend against both wind and rain. In a situation that calls for greater refinement, a full qipao is worn, even though she doesn't like the fact that it has the tendency to restrict movement at times.

    The shoulder bag she wears at her side is made of tough canvas dyed a muddy shade of brown, able to withstand a decent amount of abuse without suffering much damage. Its strap is designed for quick removal (by snapping it at a predetermined location) and subsequent reattachment without having to fumble with hefting the strap over one's shoulder, which is a critical necessity, as removing it in an emergency situation requires very little time, and no convenience is sacrificed.

    Personality: A passionate young woman with a strong sense of justice and a readiness to assist the weak, she believes strongly in the ideal of chivalrous errantry, to which her eagerness to undertake this adventure can be attributed. Whether it is due to innocence unbroken by excessive worldly experience or outright obliviousness, she still holds true the concepts of absolute good and evil, and acts based upon the assumption that there is some fragment of benevolence in even the most heinous criminal. Based on both of these characteristics, she is unwilling to aggress in the majority of situations, preferring to strike second - the exception being, of course, that there is either clear evidence of probable aggression in the near future or a previous case of being attacked, in which case a preemptive strike is perfectly reasonable and adequate. This is only adhered to in actual situations of conflict, though, and she is entirely willing to obtain any reasonable advantage that would be afforded to her in a casual setting (e.g. sparring).

    An enthusiastic personage whose adventurous nature has gotten her into and out of numerous troubling situations, she maintains a high degree of confidence, both in the optimistic outlook that everything will work out eventually and in her own abilities. Concession without repeated trial (or even concession at all!) is foreign to her; although she is able to recognize loss at a specific moment in time, she simply accepts it as encouragement for her to train harder for a future confrontation, and it is difficult for her to be truly discouraged. As a result, although arguably she has the skills to back up her boldness, occasionally she exhibits slightly more recklessness than is healthy.

    Interests: Having enjoyed extensive training in their realm, Lingwei employs two major styles of martial arts, both of them classified as part of the internal school: taijiquan, which places a large emphasis on circular movement, retaliatory defense, utilizing the opponent's strength, and precise crippling strikes; and xingyiquan, characterized by aggressive, linear movements within a short range of motion. She is significantly more experienced with the first style, having practiced the latter only a fraction of the time she has the former. She is also capable of playing some flute, but does not excel at the instrument. Her preferred sports are badminton and table tennis.

    History: The fashion in which Lingwei's parents first met was highly irregular. Her father, a young man who had recently immigrated to Kanto from a distant region, sustained several injuries in a late-night melee when he had jumped in to save an unwary passerby from being attacked by a group of ruffians; her mother, who was the passerby in question, subsequently accompanied him to a hospital, where she worked as a physician, to treat said injuries (after, of course, taking care of the necessary portions of authoritarian work with the law enforcement), and, perhaps feeling somewhat responsible for the incident, visited him on a regular basis during his stay there despite the injuries' lightness (and her specialty's irrelevance to them). Various events escalated from there, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    As the daughter of a martial artist, Lingwei first began training when she was three and a half. Her father, who had managed to found and develop a flourishing school at this point (helped initially in some moderate part by his wife's considerable income), understandably wished his child to pass on his skills and legacy; in deference to his wife's wishes for their daughter not to become 'a brainless person with overdeveloped limbs', he taught her taijiquan, alongside its philosophy and school of thought, and a few years later, sword techniques associated with the style as well.

    As a child, Lingwei's scholastic life was initially somewhat eventful. Although nothing out of the ordinary had occurred in her first few years for the most part, the twelve-year-old girl was immediately picked on by older students the first day of entrance into grade seven. To the surprise of her would-be tormentors, her impatience after a few verbal exchanges (and impending commencement of physical contact by the other party) induced her to strike without any forewarning whatsoever. Although she had no desire to cause permanent harm, she nevertheless managed to incapacitate their juvenile leader with a single well-placed attack to the stomach, which persuaded the rest of the miscreants to flee in terror. The school's authorities became involved, and although she was reprimanded, she countered with the statement that if people weren't supposed to respond to bad things happening to them, what would be relevant consequences for evildoers? After all, the teachers certainly weren't keeping harassment under control. As she remained stubborn in her outlook, the school was forced to let her go with little more than an admonishment. The positive consequence of this occurrence was that no bully, aspirant or otherwise, dared to ever approach her from that day on; unfortunately, she garnered a reputation of ruthlessness in the process, which has stayed with her ever since.

    In the wake of this event, her father held a conversation with her, in which he recognized the fact that she had grown older and might require something more effective to fight for what she believed in, and it was the time for him to teach her the more proactive style of xingyiquan. Additionally, he gave her a Mienfoo as her companion, acting as effectively a sparring partner as well as a Pokemon.

    Academically, she is a brilliant scholar in mathematics, and achieved exceptional results in gym class, but her results in geography and the sciences leave something to be desired. (Her performance in history and linguistic classes are only slightly above average, so there is little to comment about on that front.) She accepted Bill's invitation because of her aspiration to enter into some great adventure; even though she has a Pokemon license already, she has not yet taken her three-month leave, it being her parents' inclination that she should finish her secondary education first. As such, the special dispensation is a sort of realized miracle for her.

    Pokémon License?: Yes.

    Pokémon Species: Mienfoo, the same one that's stayed with her for two years and a bit. Trained in both the external and internal schools of the martial arts from a distant land. Serves as a loyal friend and capable assistant in practice. Previously owned by her father.


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