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@ Cosmic - I don't think we'll be using abilities much, actually. They are mostly annoying game mechanics, to me. Except for some, such as levitation of course.
Your SU looks good, since I don't think we'll meet Steven here anyways haha. Only thing is
In place of a summer home, they ended up purchasing a smaller estate with a "modest" house on the coast near to the east of Pallet Town, which is entirely unfamiliar to Adrian. It was there that he learned of Bill's needs, and Adrian saw an opportunity to get to know the region well, along with pursuing some personal goals of his own.
That should probably be Pewter City, right? Because the RP starts there and Bill is working there, not in Pallet Town. But that's just a detail so change that whenever you can.

Cosmic Fury is accepted!

@ Cirrus - looking good so far! Lingwei sounds like a nice name :3 Or should she be called Han? And I like Mienfoo!

@ EB and Doronjo, finish your SU as soon as you can~!

EDIT: giving the accepted members their first pokémon's movesets.

Lv 5
- Tackle
- Growl
- Leech Seed
- Sludge

Lv 5
- Ember
- Tail Whip
- Roar
- Iron Tail

Lv 5
- Ember
- String Shot
- Zen Headbutt

If you want genders changed, let me know.
paired to a seeker.
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