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    I think pokemon customization is better off being left to the imagination. I do it all the time, and I feel as though if Gamefreak gave us some options, they wouldn't be as broad as the many ways I imagine my pokemon.

    (Example: I imagine my Liepard carrying a black rose in her mouth, Scrafty wearing her hood on, and a Gengar wearing earmuffs configured exactly for his headsize. I can't imagine Gamefreak coming up with any of these.)

    I think they did a very good job with character customization with only 3 presets as opposed to a full closet. It makes me feel as though I can still play as the in-game protagonist, yet still identify it as myself, at the same time. The manga, anime, and even games like GSC's "Red" has shown dependence on how the default protagonists have looked like, so I'm glad that they found a way to combine the best of both.
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