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so i recently changed this deck again. imo for the better. Though its still kind of weird that it plays without any good supporters.

3-1-2 Blastoise
1x Kyurem PF
3x Keldeo EX
2x Cryogonal (Call Sign)
2-2 Milotic (Clear Search)
1x Munna BC

Supporters: 9
3x Skyla
2x Cilan
2x Cheren
1x N
1x Ghetsis

Trainers: 16
1x Pokemon Catcher
1x Escape Rope
2x Float Stone
2x Pokemon Center
1x Tool Scrapper
2x Rare Candy
2x Super Scoop Up
1x Town Map
1x Energy Retrieval
1x Superior Energy Retrieval
1x Switch

Energy: 17
17 Water Energy

With the addition of Kyurem it acts aanother counter for Safeguard counter Sygliph, Frozen City, and a good attacker.
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