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    i am using version 11 and i get this error whenever i goto new game:
    Pokemon Essentials
    Exception: NoMethodError
    Message: undefined method `pbQuantity' for nil:NilClass
    Hud:35:in `initialize'
    Scene_Map:29:in `new'
    Scene_Map:29:in `createSpritesets'
    Scene_Map:28:in `each'
    Scene_Map:28:in `createSpritesets'
    Scene_Map:63:in `cng_dayseason_map_main'
    Season:162:in `main'
    Main:37:in `mainFunctionDebug'
    Main:15:in `mainFunction'
    Main:15:in `pbCriticalCode'
    This exception was logged in 
    C:\Users\Mansoor\Saved Games/Pokemon Essentials/errorlog.txt.
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