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Originally Posted by pokehearts View Post
Neutral Nature
-Razor Shell/Aqua Tail/Surf
-Areal Ace/Aqua Jet/Razor Shell
-Megahorn/Aqua Jet
-Swords Dance/Areal Ace
A good mixed set will work for Samurott; Scald is another option to use, however I picked Surf as its on of the HM moves that you do use quite a bit, and its pretty good to use. Megahorn could be replaced with Ice Beam if you need it too, but considering when you get Ice Beam, it might be better just to keep the bug type move for the two dark and psychic users at the E4

Neutral Nature
-Aura Sphere
-Close Combat/Earthquake
-Dark Pulse

The good thing about Lucario is that is has a vast movepool to pick from. My Lucario has Ice Punch, Hidden Power Fire, Aura Sphere, and Dark Pulse for example. I think it'd be good as long as their is coverage and no mixture of dark pulse and shadow ball

-Flare Blitz
-Thunder Fang/Wild Charge
-Crunch/Iron Head/Close Combat/Dig
Arcanine never really came through for me on my last run of Black 2, she always got killed off quite easily. I say go with Crunch out of the four various moves as it gets something to hit Ghosts and Psychic types, which is always good. Iron Head gets coverage on rock and ice types though. Dig is good, but earthquake is better (can he even learn it?)

-Dragon Claw/Rush
-Dragon Dance
-Fire Punch
-Iron Tail
Claw simply for accuracy sakes, and while it'd be forever until hes a Dragonite, Fly would not be a poor investment.

-Future Sight/Psychic
-Thunderbolt/Charge Beam/Energy Ball
-Signal Beam/Dark Pulse
The four bolded ones would of been my choice, there is also Focus Blast and Shadow Ball to pick from, but Focus Blast has a low PP and Shadow Ball's coverage (same as dark pulse mind you) is minimal

-Cross Poison
-Night Slash
-Ice Fang
-Aqua Tail/Earthquake/Rock Slide
I love this thing, it can do some epic damage. Rock Slide all the way as you got water and ground(?) coverage going for ya.
All in all, you got a good idea for a team going for you. I think a Pokemon that has a defensive set up or can inflict status wouldn't be a bad idea for you. I reccomend my favorite Pokemon Roserade, or maybe a Pokemon like Lilligant. Or at the very least maybe throw Toxic on Drapion or Thunder Wave on Gothitelle.
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