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Nobody walks around thinking that they have to prove innocence to anybody. If I see an unmarked van creeping up behind me, I run. I don't know about you, but I think a creepy van creeping on me is something to worry about.

It's clear to me that Trayvon was on the road, then ran into the backstreets. First point because Zimmerman and Trayvon would've never saw each other and Trayvon never been able to walk back towards him otherwise. Second point because he ran away, and cuz vehicles generally don't follow somebody off the road. If Trayvon was trespassing, Zimmerman would've said that on the phone. If he's going to assume that Trayvon's "up to no good, or he's on drugs or something" ('or'? wtf does 'or' mean), I'd imagine he'd want to mention Trayvon passing under eaves or walking on people's driveways cuz if you check out the map I linked, that's really the worst he can do >.> But he didn't, which tells me that he did a poor job of trespassing, considering everything else Zimmerman said.

It's not objective to say that Trayvon wasn't innocent /because/ he ran - because there are many good reasons for running. It is equally, if not more, plausible that Trayvon was creeped out and wanted to get home as quickly as possible. And what would Trayvon be accused of doing to arouse such suspicion other than going out and buying an Arizona? Was he suspected of pulling a lick then?
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