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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    I would like new gym leaders, and for Misty, Janine, Sabrina and maybe a really old but still cool Blaine to be E4. Champion? I think it should be the trainer you don't choose in the beginning. If you play as the male, the female will be your rival and end up becoming the champion before you. Just like Green did in the old game.

    I don't think a sequel to the Kanto games would be made for real though. G/S/C was pretty much the sequel, remember?
    Is it and it isnt. Only thing that changed was Fuchsia's Gym leader. This sequel Kanto is the main island not an attachment which G/S/C makes it to be. The Storyline for the New Team Rocket kind of made them weaker then the original. Yes they Obliterated Cinnabar Island. I dont think there was enough done with G/S/C storyline wise.

    Plus I think some people could wonder. "What has happened to Kanto over the years?"
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