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I laid on the ground fully conscious, only pretending to be out. I'm useless I thought to myself in despair, I failed to protect her. I failed out of weakness. I listened to the fight sadly. I heard the boy from earlier go down much like Elise. I heard the crying that proceeded it. He was able to protect that girl Nami... Is he really stronger than me? My chest hurt, though I also was becoming angry. What is this! I work so hard, and I fail this easily?! I should just give up, I'm useless in everything else too.

I closed my eyes, and remembered the moment when my sister found out about how many jobs I was fired from. "What is the matter Frio?" She had asked me. I remember crying, with bruises and blisters.

"No matter what job I get, I'm too much of an idiot to do it." I replied sorrowfully, "I work very hard, but I always pass out or break something and get fired."

I remember she looked at me very thoughtfully, she never went through things like that because she was perfect in everything. I thought that she would laugh at me for being inferior. "Well you're pretty dramatic." She had said instead, "You are better than any human on this earth, and you are crying because you can't hold a job."

"What am I supposed to do?" I asked her, "Should I never cry?"

She shrugged, "I can't say you shouldn't cry, because even I cry sometimes, and I certainly can't tell you what to do all the time. Just use your head."

"But I'm not very smart. Even Mom and Dad say so."

"You're right, anybody who accepts how stupid they are must be pretty stupid. If you think you are stupid, then you clearly must be." I remember the conversation ending there, she had made a carrot and chicken salad.

I thought about what that meant, though she never explained it to me. It felt relevant somehow though, the situations felt the same.If I can't beat him in a fight. Can I outsmart him? I began to think, But I'm an idiot, what could I possibly think up? I opened my eyes and looked at the ground. I had half my face planted in it, but it gave me an idea. I can set a trap underground, one that would impale him from beneath. I knew it would take a few minutes, and hoped the others would stall, No need to kill him, just immobilize him. I second thought.

I closed my eyes and began to concentrate, imagining a thin layer of dirt and creating a ring of ice spikes under it, one by one. A tedious task.
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