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Okay, I'll have Gothitelle have Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave, and as for Arcanine, I'm not sure on it, I'd rather use something else like a Charmander, but then I'd have to reconfigure the entire team basically, if I did do something like this, it'd be:

Blaze (duh)
-Flare Blitz
-Dragon Claw
-Iron Tail/Thunderpunch

And then I'd need a new pokemon for dragon type, as Charizard kinda covers that. My first thoughts go to Flygon, Garchomp, and Haxorus, but I can't use Haxorus, as I've used him before, a lot. So it's between Flygon and Garchomp, but I could also use the extra slot to cover another type, like Normal, if I do this, I'd say Stoutland or Snorlax.
Out of these, Snorlax stands out the most for it's diverse moveset and high defensive power. Thick Fat would be a handy ability, and the immunity to Ghost would be nice. The only worry would be the slowness.

Snorlax would go like this:

Neutral Nature
Thick Fat
-Giga Impact/Body Slam/Return/Strength (STAB Move)
-Crunch/Fire Punch
-Zen Headbutt/Seed Bomb

If I really do need a support pokemon, I could use a grass type like Chickorita, it'd evolve into Meganium and go like this:

-Leaf Storm/Magical Leaf/Energy Ball
-Leech Seed
-AncientPower/Hidden Power(depends on type)

If I'm using Grass Types, Treecko is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I'd love to use him.

-Leaf Blade
-Rock Slide/Earthquake
-Areal Ace/Acrobatics
-Leech Seed/Night Slash/Seed Bomb/X-Scissor

So, yeah, I'll swap Arcanine for Charizard, and Dragonite for Snorlax, Meganium, or Sceptile. I'll probably go for Sceptile because I frickin love Treecko, one of the best Starters. Any other suggestions for the sixth slot?
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