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    Thanks guys! I made Turtwgi my hero once because he's my fave starter, but I don't like that he can't use Earthquake effectively without hurting my allies. Like I said I beat the game with Piplup so I really love that guy. Dark/Water/Steel seems pretty good for evolution. Hmm. I could always use Wonder Mail to recruit other pokemon I want. I think that Umbreon, Lucario, Blissey and another pokemon for my team? I had an egg-hatched numel which was epic with Earth Power! I'm now thinking Piplup since it can have Water Pulse (Ranged), Blizzard (Entire Room), Flash Cannon (Ranged, Evolved), Peck? (PP Move, Coverage). Umbreon could have Moonlight (Entire Party Healing), Dark Pulse (All Arounder), Shadow Ball (range), maybe Psychic? I could also recruit Lucario! Aura Sphere (Baws ranged), Dark Pulse (All arounder), Flash Cannon (Range), Detect? I need a 4th member. I'm thinking Sky-Forme Shaymin! Energy Ball (Range), Air Slash, Seed Flare, Sweet Kiss/Quick Attack/Filler. I think I'll use this team! Thanks!

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