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Originally Posted by lauerolus View Post
Trityping seems a bit much however. It'd be easier to handle things like Bdrill's... being a bee with an Ability. Like a x% chance to apply Poison/Toxic with every contact move.
I thought about Triple Typing, but that idea was shot down because of its difficulty. Instead I am implementing a fourth ability option. Each Pokémon may have one of two different abilities and some have special hidden abilities that replace the earlier said. However in Pokémon Ambient, each Pokémon will have a Permanent Ability.
A Permanent Ability will achieve the problems of depth, levitation, flight, knowledge, etc. This ability option will work along the previous said ability. For example, Beedrill/Venomoth/Yanmega/etc have the Permanent Ability Flitter (Immunity to Ground-type Moves + Flying/Air STAB).

Originally Posted by ZealithSeribii View Post
If I have any spare time, I might make a list of EVERY GOD DAMN POKEMON with the new types implemented wherever necessary.
Check out THIS LINK to see my National Dex listing of every Pokémon. I also changed the typing of some Pokémon! This list also has the updated Egg Group for each Pokémon. The few Permanent Abilities created so far have also been implemented.

Originally Posted by Error.exe View Post
Ideas I thought up of
-A haunted mansion for ghost, dark type Pokémon
-The ability to dive in certain parts of the water to see the coral reefs
-A cycling road(See the view of the ocean)
-Go to space!!!! To see Jirachi
-Candlewick Tower is the "Ghost-type Location" for Pokémon Ambient. It will be home to creepy, crawly creatures that only want to be left alone and will haunt those who trespass. This tower is located out in the deserts of the mainland on top of a small mountain of sand.
-Diving is indeed going to be implemented into Ambient. There are lots of water routes and possible diving locations! A coral reef is what I had in mind for some locations that are near shores, like Cottonport or around Dragon Island.
-A cycling-type road won't be featured in Serene. Mainly because it's not that cool of an idea and takes up a lot of space. However, if traveling to regions becomes a possibility eventually, then you can go to the actual Cycle Road.
-See this would be a cool idea. Since Ambient will be set in a futuristic time, I believe space travel would be a great idea! I will look into it and keep it on high priorities. Jirachi, Deoxys, and some more Cosmic-type Pokémon.

I HAVE FINISHED MY TYPE CHART! It took so very long and an extremely large amount of time. Here is THE LINK to that page and I left a comment box below it to see how everyone responds and also take some other suggestions to improve it! It includes all the new types, except for Fairy-type. I have locked that type until Nintendo releases it fully. Let me know what you think!