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Part Twenty-Three: Infiltrating the lab!
Or forgetting this place has to do with lakes.


Time to check out a lab with creepy statues! Standard fare I suppose.

I think the theme here is pretty decent in setting up the mood for the location!

Hi there, bookcases and person.

He's a jumpy sort, but I guess you can say that of everyone here.

He's also of a battling sort.

I love this sprite. RESEARCH clearly wants to party down in the lab.

This sprite however I hate. Meet one of the more annoying e-monsters in the game!

It's not that it's strong or anything. It's just one move it knows that makes it annoying. You'll see in a bit.

This first fight is just a 2-on-2, so it does help to recruit someone from outside the lab, as I did here. Of course, RESEARCH has two SHERSTLA.

Well, SHERSTLA is doing a good job at that, I suppose. The starfish isn't the most defensively built monster though.

Which one is which!?

Well, now I can tell the difference between the two of them. One is horribly hurt!

Ah, here it is.

Yes, that thing did just flied in the sky. What's weird about that? :V

But what's special about this? Well, it's like the move Fly in the Pokémon games - you can't hit them while they are in the sky (even if they are inside a building). Which is annoying if say they are the only remaining enemy - when it's your turn you can't land a hit. Fly isn't a damaging move either - they'll just return when it finishes (and it can last multiple turns!) and do a different attack. Or Fly again.

And when there's two of them...


Somehow Not-Sandslash stops this one.

And our starfish finishes it off.

At least Not-Sandslash has a non-attacking move while we wait...

Trading blows...

...And smashing for good measure.

EXP boost for fighting RESEARCH!

And now I have an annoying monster on my side! But it's not very fun annoying the CPU. =/ Oh well. The last monster we knock out is the one that gives their number in these battles, but here it didn't matter given they were the same.

These scientists don't take losing well. Or maybe it's a side effect of being near water?

I like how the dex tries to offer an explanation for it knowing how to fly. Oh well, onwards!

Remember how the Master of the Island gave us those powers? He must have known that we'd encounter terrible and difficult puzzles that'd require said powers to overcome them!

However will we solve it!?


C'mon, this isn't even a puzzle.

Or maybe it was a trap.


Ma-gun stands for machine gun.

Wait, what?

Bek celebrates this finding by demonstrating his other power - throwing vases.

And then we encounter this guy.

He's a decent one to recruit if you're not using Not-Sandslash, I suppose.

Yes, I do see.


An apt description for how it attacks.

Oh look, a guy higher up guarding treasure. Let's work our way there.

No, I just want the treasure.

Bek doesn't have a license.

Work hard. Play hard.

For some reason this particular message of BANDAs is amusing.

Such friendly opponents.

Contrary to the dex entry for it, it doesn't spin about to fly.

Not-Sandslash decides to take it out on the non-flying foe.

It doesn't even pose much of a threat considering in usual circumstances it's down in two hits. But then Not-Sandslash is a touch overlevelled for this area.

RIKORIS however is just all kinds of unimpressive.

HIT. A great attack name.

Combo victory!

Yay, more of these! @_@

It's the sea all over again.

Not another swearing scientist!

So he changed?

That's not an answer. >:[

This guy is a side evolution of ARMORY.

And he has this guy too.

Not a bad attack!

Oh wait.

BAIBU though manages to dodge a hit.

And then fails to hit itself.

BANDA shows us how it's done.

BANDA is certainly more frail than Not-Sandslash, given this wasn't a critical hit.

That one however was.

Yay, all the stat boosts.


Not quite the right wording, but at least they tried.

Another wild monster, just running about in the lab. Does seem well-maintained to me.

They're not very polite, I have to say.

The most inspiring of dex entries.

Well, at least he said please.

And then we meet the melted version of Jabba.

A 3-on-3 battle here!

They're not very dangerous, but still this battle can be a trouble if you don't have a plan or an overlevelled monster.

Oh boy

Sure, it does rather little damage. But it's a melted Jabba spewing on you. =(

TAMPALA shows how unthreatening it is. It has a type advantage here.

PHANEL isn't too shabby on its own.

This is one of the more annoying parts this battle can throw up - status.

It cured the next turn for BANDA, but note that it takes up the whole turn.

Luckily that's only one of two troublesome parts of this battle.


It's not even a damaging attack and it was stopped.

This is the other annoying part. Status all round for BANDA!

PHANEL doesn't need telling to know what it should hit.

Really unimpressive.

So Not-Sandslash puts it out of its misery.

Great, it just became a sitting duck! Or a sitting melted duck. I'm not sure.

So close!

So not close.


Oh, we do.

It has a bomb!?

This piece of news disturbs me greatly.

That RESEARCH sure can jump!

'person who barged in' is a popular phrase of this game, by the way.

This guy has crabs. :V

And a killer pony!

Let's get the pony's number!

Not today, we're overlevelled. Or at least Not-Sandslash is.

Banda is actually doing more damage than the pony.

On the flip side, it's faster than it. But in the end:

Aw yeah.

Maybe it's an advertisement? It could be for a company called ****, and they sponsored this lab and brainwashed the sea monsters.

Makes as much sense as this game after all. We just found a missile lying about in a lab.

Yeah, if only we could use such items ourselves. =(

More of these guys!

??? I have no idea what that means, but I do know this guy has another melted Jabba. Which means:


Always a fun move. Let's see what sort of a defence it can put up!


Someone's angry today.

And by someone, I mean everyone here.

Maybe that's why they're so grumpy. Stuck in a lab, guarding against intruders and roaming monkeys and demons. Oh my.

Really, overall this section is oddly easy. Then again Liz Island was too... I suppose it's just a darn easy part of the game, if you discount RAMBRAGE.

Everyone's helping!

What is with these rooms?

Sure, okay.

And what is a starfish doing in a lab anyways?

BANDA cares not for logistic, he just cares for levels. Sadly he doesn't gain any SP (speed), as that's something that is rather lacking. =/


This guy has two DORIA. The battle isn't very interesting though.

Yay more friends.

Nay more swears.

This room here is curious. Nearly every other guard will challenge you to a battle if you get too close, but these require being talked to.

Took you long enough to realise Bek was not a party-hard RESEARCH.

The other curious thing is that these are 2-on-3 battles.

Not-Sandslash however is very quick to level up the score.

And really, I'm lucking out here on what is normally a tougher battle. But then I never kept Not-Sandslash in my party up to here.

I should keep a counter or something.

These things at the bottom of the stairs are... more stairs, perhaps. They act as a form of one-way barricade...

...but not in this instance, as you can still walk around them. I do not know why there are here.

Do they include the wild monkeys?

Oh, of course.

I like this part of the killer pony. Healing for all!

Rude. =(

Two pony fight! But these are low levelled and not worth using. =/

So we'll just beat them up instead.

Did we need to be more overlevelled? I think we did.

No u

Does this mean the roaming monkeys, demons AND starfish are not strangers?

Killer Pony dislikes e-magic.

REALLY dislikes.

Not a bad level there. Note that Not-Sandslash is sitting on level 38.

A Mo-Gun.

One wonders what weapons we'll continue to find. But that'll have to wait for the next update!