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    Originally Posted by Chaxmonster View Post
    Skills: Spriting, Sprite Insetion, Graphics Editing & Story Composition.
    To sum it all up, I can sprite, insert the sprites, create banners/headers/userbars, help with the story and give general advice.
    Applying for: Whatever you assign me to, I can do all 4 at a decent level or higher level.
    Proof(Not so Needed): As for my graphicas abilities, you can check out my avatar and signature which are custom made by me. If you wish for me to compose a short story, then PM me on that.
    And as for spriting, here's a quick bug type I just sprited up for a few mins.

    GMT: +3 Hours.
    Contact Via: Here via PM or through skype. My skype being daniel96491.
    Gender: Male
    Welcome bro to the team and thanks for the help..