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    Originally Posted by pokehearts View Post
    After seeing this article, I've been across the web looking at speculation. The Serebii Forums are saying Harvest Moon x Pokemon, and I've heard that suggestion thrown out a lot. Please note that it might not be Pokemon related, it says, "A classic game that's played all over the world" So it may not be Pokemon. Also, this could be Corocoro's "Scoop of the Century" so this could be something big.
    True, but that doesn't mean we couldn't hope it is! I'd say the odds are in our favor considering Pokemon is pretty much the only series they've made over the past 17 years besides 3 non-related games. If it weren't Pokemon related, I don't think it'd be on their website, but another of Nintendo's developers.

    I've never played Harvest Moon, but if it were an HM x Pokemkn collab that'd be incredibly interesting.
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