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Originally Posted by Chaxmonster View Post
You're welcome kind Slendy.

What's my job again?
I'll update the thread and you will see what job that u will get .

I want to join this if possible.

Skills: Spriting, Mapping, A little bit scripting (I lack the programm), etc.
Applying for: Mapper, Spriter, Storyliner (Great imagination), General Helper
Proof(Not so Needed): I only have proof for spriting:
GMT: Greece, GMT + 3:00
Contact Via: Skype, Facebook (PM for more info)
Gender: Male

More info: I would like to join this in order to make a complete hack. From the thread I understood that you are well organized so this is why I'm applying.

Thanks in advance
Accepted Welcome to the Team!

Just watch out with titlescreen insertion because alot of the time people can edit yhe pokemon ect but it can't look as nice as a 256 titlescreen and once you edit the titlescreen via the old method then you cannot insert a 256 titlescreen again
Don't worry i know how to change the title screen For Pro style..

Here Guys Route A.1 Review.. What you guys Think?