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    Alright, here's something Concrete. A Demo!

    This goes right up to the base of Mount Moon. Included changes so far:
    • Rough BST changes for every included Pokemon. Generally a three stage pokemon will have 33% of its BST added per stage. A two stage Pokemon may have between ~50% to 70% of its BST depending on how late it evolves. Single stage Pokemon of course have 100% of their BST already. You will see few one stage Pokemon until the fourth Gym
    • Moves and Movepools have not been edited from the most part. A few pokemon received a starting move that better suited them, but that's it.
    • Nothing Abillity wise either
    • You can get the Old rod.

    As for what is "new":
    • Every map(except for that nice Route 1 map, Pewter Gym, and whatever rooms I haven't changed from PE) is brand new, with custom Pokemon encounter lists. I will generally try to keep the lists ~60-80% Gen 1/II but have no qualms about adding in other pokemon that complement them from other generations.
    • If you run into Gary with different starters, you may notice he has a different second pokemon. Expect the differences to grow with every encounter.
    • Brock's role has been greatly expanded. Not to "spoil" much about a game that already has an ending, but this is a glimpse of the expanded role NPCs will play in making the story more interactive. I personally don't like double battles, but I'll make a poll to see what everyone likes. It's a bit bare with Brock, just a few lines and he moves on to the next stage. I hope to expand on it.
    • Mount Moon/Stable Town mark the end of the kid's gloves in terms of game difficulty. Upto Brock you may notice there seem to be quite a few Pokemon useful against him and later Misty. While Brock has a slight "counter" to those Pokemon, Misty and other advanced trainers will be well rounded and have stratagems to cover their weaknesses.
    • You'll also notice a new Route to a new town. More on that later.

    I cut you off right as the game gets exciting! The next demo will cover upto the end of Misty at least and won't been done until I'm sure savegames will transfer between demos. Things to look forward to:
    • Before helping Brock inside Mount Moon why not take a detour to Sable Town, home of the Kanto Pokemon Technical Institute? With your badge in hand, you're "officially" progressed farther then many multi-year students at the Institute. Will you attend it for a day and rewrite Battling 101? Does having a badge really make you better then some of those students? Do well enough and you may inspire a new rival to strike out on her own journey.
    • Of course, there's a town too. Sable Town is home to many buildings of higher education and numerous laboratories. Saffron may have the skyscrapers, but the laboratories of Sable Town turn the profits of many of the corporations headquartered there. Someone could even be using a grand scientific endeavor for his own ends...
    • After you've had you tested your skills and explored this new place, you'll meet a very special Pokemon on the way back! It'll be in a bit of a bind and you can either set it free or see if it feels like a grand journey! Good thing those balloons look stylish. It'll need them to carry that surf board. Is that a cake too? Has Mom been feeding wild pokemon again?
    • The above Pokemon will mark the beginning of a series of special event Pokemon that you'll find throughout your journey. Some, like the above one, will be extensively customized from their "base" in terms of BST, movepool, Ability, evolution path, and even sprites! Others might just be presented with a little storyline to dig them into your heart. But they exist to once again bring more life into the pokemon world.
    • Last, there's Cerulean city. There's that Rocket recruiting ring to bust. That robbery might be a little more high profile this time around. And Misty too! That Starmie might be back up to Gen one standards, DeathStar indeed!


    Why did I just tempt you will all these hopes and dreams? With a terribly rough demo that looks like Joey made it? It's a bit of a call to arms. I have zero spriting and music skills. I could use another brain on BST and movepool changes, just based on the number of them. A person to pass maps(and fill with trainers) back and fourth with can only help them greatly. Someone to bounce ideas of off while I learn enough to start scripting. I have no problems learning how to do something for the project, and indeed am doing a bit of everything. It's a bit of motivation for me too.

    I'm basically looking for a Michelangelo to go with my da Vinci if I may make the most absurd, boldest overstatement of skills to ever grace this site.

    Thank you for reading my bit of hot air, and enjoy the show. It's Pastel Red, brought to you by viewers like you and the tireless, unending efforts of the Pokemon Essentials contributors.

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