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    Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire 2

    This game takes place ten years after the events of Pokemon R/S.
    In those years, the Hoenn region has suffered massive floods,
    earthquakes, land shifts and odd weather patterns.
    However these weren't cause by nature...
    According to the Hoenn Authorities, it has been kept
    as confidential. In those years, a group has been created,
    their goal is to return back to Hoenn 10 years ago and prevent
    all of the events from happening. They call themselves, team Chronos.
    What they don't know is that their goal can cause the end of
    the universe as a whole... At least, most of them don't know...
    A certain group of them know the consequences... and they are willing to sacrifice all of humanity
    to obtain their goal.

    Meanwhile... In Ramaji Town, you have just graduated from the Town's
    academy. You are given on of 7 Pokémon to start, and you will be given your PokéDex
    at Bigroot City. You along with your next door neighbor/rival race to Birch's Lab to
    become the champion of the region... What you don't know is your true purpose...
    You are the key of hope to save the region.

    The Hoenn Region Currently

    Map graphics by Celianna from DeviantArt


    The game is getting a graphical swap.
    Graphics will be updated/changed.

    Like here:

    Leaders in the first beta that will be made:


    Roxanne - The Ice Queen
    Brawly - The Navy Solider
    Their stories will be put in-game.
    So no more spoiler-spoiler.

    UltimoSpriter from DeviantArt
    Wesleyfg from DeviantArt
    BoOmxBiG from Deviant Art
    rohnpokemon from DeviantArt
    zerudez from Deviantart

    lightbulb15 from Deviant Art
    tyranitardark from Deviant Art
    Lark125 from PokeCommunity (I think)
    Midnitez Remix from Deviant Art
    LotusKing from Deviant Art

    Zerudez from Deviant Art
    light pa from DeviantArt

    Other Graphics:
    Party Graphics and Battle Pokeball Graphics: spaceemotion from Deviant Art

    Essentials Team: (Everyone whom created and aided the efforts of the Pokémon Essentials kit)
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