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In HG:

Fearow (Max) @nothing
lvl. 28, Keen Eye
Moves: Fly, Pursuit, Aerial Ace, and Fury Attack

Meganium (Iggy) @Miracle Seed
lvl. 32, Overgrow
Moves: Cut, Synthesis, Petal Dance, PoisonPowder

Horsea (Raj) @Exp. Share
lvl. 26, Sniper
Moves: Twister, Water Gun, Focus Energy, Bubblebeam

Heracross (HBoss) @nothing
lvl. 29, Swarm
Moves: Brick Break, Strength, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace

Ampharos (Amphy) @nothing
lvl. 33, Static
Moves: Iron Tail, Headbutt, ThunderPunch, Thunder Wave

Furret (Danielle)
lvl. 31, Run Away
Moves: Dig, Foresight, Headbutt, Surf

I'm ok with you guys recommending movesets and Pokemon