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    Hmm, seems like a nice overall design for the first route, but I've got a few things to note.

    The double rocks within the forest, look sort of eye displeasing, the rock and grass patch or grass and 2 pebbles patch on the left side look much better.

    Don't put the two signs right next to each other, put one in the beginning to notify you of the route and put the second one around an area where it notifies you of something special about that area.

    For instance if it's near a patch of grass where there's a potion, it could notify you of how potions work or instead of a certain pokemon that resides in that patch of grass.

    Overall it seems over clumped by an overtake of the forest
    For instance the tree at the start, near the stairs, seems unnecessary.

    And also the ledge in the middle seems too lengthy, but that might be just me.

    Overall a good first map, which some minor details you should put your attention to, in my opinion.

    Though, remember to wait for the rest of the teams' opinions beforehand.