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Originally Posted by ZealithSeribii View Post
I feel like the game will be finished soon... Just a wierd feeling...

When I go to the pages, it doesn't show me anything new... Just blank spaces.

Random idea:
Rufflet and Braviary have quite a few Fighting type moves in their movepool so why not make them Fighting/Flying?
We still have awhile to go, but it will eventually be completed! I won't give up on this project!

I did fix the links and should be found visible now. (I forgot to change share settings to 'can view')

Rufflet and Braviary will gain special movepools for their Ambient counterparts, but they will remain Normal-type and Flying-type. P.S. They really don't, just a lot of physical moves. Superpower, Rock Smash, and Bulk Up aren't really enough to consider Fighting-type.

EDIT: Speaking of movesets. I am now making spreadsheets of each Pokémon with a list of their Ambient movesets. I will be making a page for each Pokémon (like Bulbapedia has) on the official Google Site that will hold information regarding moves, abilities, types, etc that are on Pokémon Ambient. It will take a lot of time, so just stay tuned and watch the progress! I will be focused more so on mapping than making these pages, but I will try my best!