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    ElFuity, your team is as follows:

    Does this team work for you?

    Update #1


    -Did beginning stuff, named myself Clemo, my rival
    Kevin and chose Piplup and starter (Named him Rick).

    -Traded over Magby and Togepi eggs from Heart Gold cartridge.

    -Hatched Magby egg. (Named her Maggy in reference to my Ellie the


    -Hatched Togepi and named him Sasuke. (In reference to his father, Naruto my

    Togekiss from Heart Gold. Really happy with this Togepi. It knows
    and flamethrower via egg moves )

    -Trained Maggy and Sasuke to level 5 without Piplup's help. (Took

    sooooooooooo long.)

    -Beat all trainers on Route 202

    -Caught Budew on Route 204. Named him Crimson in reference to my White 2

    Roserade, Violet.

    -Did trainer school and Poketch stuff.

    -Defeated Kevin.

    -Defeated all trainers on Route 203.

    -Caught Zubat in Oreburgh Gate. Named her Countess. (Terrible nature)

    -Did Oreburgh mine stuff and caught 2 more Zubats, only one having a better


    -First Roark attempt failed.

    -And failed again...

    -Third time lucky... very lucky.

    Current Team

    Maggy (F) - Level 10

    Sasuke (M) - Level 10

    Countess (F) - Level 10

    Crimson (M) - Level 14
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