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    Originally Posted by Chaxmonster View Post
    Alright everyone, I just tested the first copy of the current BETA, with the first 3 maps, so to speak and it is heavily bugged.

    I suggest that all of our mappers and tile inserters take a good look at it as the issues/glitches are mostly movement permission, texture, map connection based.

    There are also minor text glitches with the signs, showing some random bugged symbols.
    I feel a scripter should take a good look at those.

    If anyone wishes to see my full list of glitches/bugs I've encountered in the ROM so far, feel free to PM me and I'll send it to you.
    Some oF the Bugs Fixed and Some are Not but i'm still working on after the rom's has finish until GYM 1 i want scripter to be ready to get their hand dirty.. xD