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I'd always go for contests, of course! It would be great to show off a group of feline Pokémon as your team for battling and prove that they can be just as strong as any other Pokémon, but I think their talents and concepts would be much better suited for entering contests with. Cat Pokémon as previously established aren't the strongest of the Pokémon out there, but their grace and elegance is a large replacement for this which would make them ideal candidates for a contest team. I think I'd use Delcatty and Persian together for sure but I'm not sure there battle styles would blend together too well - what would you guys want to use?

As for having one as a domestic pet, I'd absolutely love it. It'd be like having a normal pet that you could actually communicate with and you can share your feelings with. You'll always know how it feels about you and it'll be able to understand things like playing or sleeping, and I reckon they'd be a lot easier to look after with that sub-level of sentience. Imagine how great it'd be to have a pet cat that knows what you're feeling and follows you/plays with you whilst knowing what it's doing. It'd be wonderful, haha.