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    Genevieve and the Affiliates

    How disappointing, that they wouldn't crush the Madman and his kin at this time. Maddening in a way, really, though Genevieve did not show it as she stood above the dead Dewott's body and examined it. They would die in the end, of course. Just not as soon as she would have liked.

    A loud explosion from up above echoed through the lair, followed immediately by a flood of water that tore through the cave. The Sentinels reacted by fleeing, of course, though the Inferno was out of sight at the moment. Genevieve eyed the advancing water for a moment before turning to leave, yet she had perhaps less chance of surviving the flood than the others. It seemed that Genevieve was correct in foretelling her own death, after all.

    As the water rushed on through the tunnels the Affiliates that had already cleared out earlier waited above in the houses that had direct connections to their home. The pokemon waited patiently as they heard the flood waters surging out… and then the sound of the roaring waves began to slowly die down until there was only silence. Slowly the trap doors were opened up and a few of the quieter Affiliates made their way down. All of the lights from the settlement were completely extinguished. Darkness was everywhere so they were careful in where they stepped.

    They knew no one could have survived. Sure the Sentinels were all powerful, but at the same time they were still mortal. The waters would kill all that made contact with it so they would have to do some clean up duty. Wood, stone, and all sorts of items were scattered along the tunnels as the small group scouted here and there.

    Pain was all that she could feel at the moment. Eyes closed, Genevieve tried to pinpoint where the pain came from. All over, it seemed. It hurt too much to move, to even open her eyes. Pain meant that she was still alive, though. But how? She seemed to recall something being between her and the waters at the time they'd caught up with her, something that may have softened the blow. Then conscious thought flickered off, wavering between waking and unconsciousness.

    As the Affiliates continued to move along it was then one of them saw it, "HEY! Sentinel this way!" One of them called out. It was clear that this Gardevoir was knocked down and almost out for the count, they just had to make sure that she couldn't get up. Immediately they began to fire attack after attack. Shadow Balls, Razor Winds, and all other sorts of long ranged attacks to ensure she would be taken down for now.

    The pain had lessened enough for Genevieve to push herself into a sitting position, legs half under her, when she heard a shout. Eyes opening, she shut them again for a moment and blinked, adjusting to the relative light. Not that there was much, but it was brighter than the darkness of unconsciousness.

    Opening her eyes again, Genevieve saw several incoming attacks. Almost on instinct, the Gardevoir released a wave of Psychic energy to counter what she could, followed by another to counter some more. Some of the attacks still came through as Genevieve tried to block as many as she could with her own attacks.

    There were cries here and there as some of the Affiliates were blown back by the Sentinel's own counters. They ended up flying back and hitting against the walls of the tunnels… but they still had numbers on their side. They were trained enough to keep on attacking and even though dust was starting to cover the area they kept on throwing attack after attack into the cloud. It was well known that gold tribe could survive even when you thought them dead. Well they would keep going. Sentinels were more resilient… so they would need more punishment.

    The Shadow Balls, among other attacks, needed to stop. Right after her next wave of Psychic energy, Genevieve released a Thunderbolt that had been building up in her hand for the last few seconds, pointing the electricity across a small arc in the two seconds it lasted.

    Her mind then dragged itself back into relatively conscious thought. She wouldn't be able to get herself out with brute force; that wasn't her way of fighting in the first place. As she released another wave of Psychic energy and tried to push herself up into a standing position under the barrage, Genevieve reached out with her mind and conveyed to the attacking Pokemon, "Clearly you don't mind becoming hypocrites for your cause."

    The attacking pokemon slightly paused at her words, some flinching as they spoke right into their minds. "What does she mean hypocrites?" A Jolteon asked warily.

    "Just keep attacking!" A Banette snapped. The others shrugged and resumed their barrage. The walls began to shudder a bit and that caused another paused. "Hm… must be from up top. Let's get this finished then. Don't kill her, just knock her out for now!" A Eevee declared.

    Genevieve saw the flinches, heard the Jolteon. Yes, discord was what she needed. "Not quite so hypocritical, then," she mused, even as the Gardevoir pushed herself to one side, avoiding a few more attacks. The shudders were somewhat worrying, but that wasn't her immediate problem.

    Throwing another Thunderbolt with one hand and a hurried Energy Ball with the other wasn't enough, nor were the repeated waves of Psychic energy that were weakening each time she sent one out. Genevieve's mind wouldn't come up with much more in trying to throw discord into the Pokemon's ranks; she was starting to fade out again.

    Another Shadow Ball managed to be thrown through the air and hit against the ground creating a dust cloud. Even though the Sentinel was weakened her attacks were enough to cause some damage to the group and the more injured members had to back further away to avoid death.

    "Is she down!?" The Eevee gasped out.

    "I… think so." A Dusclops said warily.

    "So who's going to check?" The Jolteon asked.

    There was a murmur among them as approaching a Sentinel was NOT something that any of them wished to do.

    As the dust cleared, Genevieve could be seen on her hands and legs, shaking with the effort to keep from falling. An undignified position, but that was hardly the thought on her mind. If it hadn't been for that flood, she would...have...

    Genevieve's mind blacked out as she fell to the ground in a prone position.