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@Xolace: What system do you play it on?

Yeah, I never really wanted to buy Gaige since her Deathtrap makes the game too easy. I am enjoying Krieg a lot. You know things are intense when you have to sit up in your chair/couch when playing. :D

I just picked up 12 Golden Keys today! Be sure to check this sitefor the latest SHiFT codes

DLC news (source)

Originally Posted by Mirrorada
Borderlands 2 PAX Panel Info


Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak
  • Level cap pack+ content: adds 11 more levels (will bring level up too 72)
  • $5 price point
  • Coming soon (sometime this fall)
  • Involves Tanis and Lilith.
  • Is a new map where Patricia Tannis will let players fight high-level enemies (which they can "over level" to create an "impossible" challenge)
  • Does not require the previous level pack, you'll go to 61 rather than 72.
  • FAQ on the requirements to come soon.

Also Coming Soon (some time this fall)
  • Increased ammo capacity
  • Increased Bank capacity
  • Increased Max Inventory capacity
  • Above increases are Free
  • More character customization Packs coming soon.

  • Pricing to be announced later
  • Before Halloween ETA
  • Zombie T.K. Baha
  • Has at least one raid boss, posibly more.
  • W.I.P. so very little info

Other Info Released at Panel
Gearbox Community day will be ONLINE this year September 14th* details may change.
Digital bonuses for those watching, base stream is free, they may have higher teir packs that grant more bonuses
Exclusive heads and skins as part of the bonuses
More info @ Community Day
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