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If it could exist, would you have any of the Pokemon that resemble domestic cats as pets or would you fear their power too much? If you could have one in real life, would you battle with it, participate in contests with it, or something else?

Having a Purrloin as my pet? I think I'd be its pet instead, hehe. It can use Dark attacks, like Torment, Fake Tears, Nasty Plot and, dear god, Night Slash. Imagine it using Pursuit, every time you try to run from a tummy rub session, bam! you get a slash of sharp claws imbued in darkness, muahahaha.

Jokes aside, I'd still have Purrloin as my pet, or any of the cat Pokemon. I think they'd prove very loyal and would never attack their own Trainer, so I wouldn't fear them.

I think cat Pokemon shows would definitely be a thing, and Delcatty would be perfect for something like that, but I'd imagine it would be hard to care for, due to its fur, so I personally would chose to raise a Glameow instead. Or a Purrloin/Liepard. And if I ever wanted to try out battling, then Liepard would fit the bill, I like its devious ways.


Thought I'd share this with everyone!