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Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
No. :O Sexuality and religion shouldn't even need to be discussed in a perfect world, you love whoever you want and believe whatever you want, that's your personal choice and can be respected. Ha. The moon is made of cheese and the streets are paved with gold.

On topic, Bringing chocolates/peanuts etc there is a good reason they are not allowed on school activities as people may have severe allergies where even the slightest exposure could potentially be fatal. A school is certainly within its rights to mitigate that risk. However reading that girls mail was certainly NOT acceptable and the teacher who did that should be disciplined.

The reaction was also completely unjustified, you confiscate the chocolates and send out a warning, This is just bureacracy at its most idiotic. More than anything else i'm disappointed this happened at a public school, I've grown to expect this sort of thing from private and religious schools with their extremist views and ideals of untouchable power but public education? No, that should be logical and effective. Hopefully public outcry forces a change, it makes me sad and angry about the huge overreaction to an 11 year old girl eating candy :(
The world's not perfect.

And this is almost as bad as the kid who got suspended from school for making a gun shape out of his poptart.
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