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Well that's just appalling.

Should the child have broken the rules set in place by the school? No
Should the parent have encouraged the breaking of these rules? No
But, should those teachers have not just embarrassed the poor girl but also violated her privacy? HELL ******* NO.

The only reason these teachers had any proof that a breach in the rules had occurred was because they had violated the privacy of an eleven year old by reading her mail (speaking of which, isn't reading another person's mail illegal in many places?) which could have contained anything of a personal nature, not just evidence of the rule breaking. The, to top that off, what did they do about this? They not only violated their student's privacy further but also destroyed her (or more likely her mother's) property.

I understand that allergies and chocolate/nuts don't mix but that doesn't excuse what these teachers have done. The invasion of a persons privacy is something that I personally condone and get very up-in-arms about - probably because I value my privacy and the privacy of others a lot (but that's not important).

What this girl did was wrong, but what those teachers did was far worse.
It's people like these teachers that make me lose faith in the very institution I'm soon to be a part of.
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