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    Originally Posted by pokemonmercury View Post
    Wow, this looks impressive!
    Originally Posted by th3shark View Post
    I like how the new starters are grouped togethedidn't gave up It's a it good sign when pokemon can be separated based on traits other than type or skill level. And yes I am excited to see their looks lol.
    Awww thanks everyone /↑-↑\. I'm working on all of them so they turn out to be epic!

    Now im gonna tell what is the legend of my region's mascot and why they were created.

    Long ago when arceus made the universe there were no stars, no shine everything was pit black. Arceus decided to create some light in the universe. But it turned out to be a living thing, the living thing had the power to create rocks known as stars, the thing loved the stars as it's children and soon there were to many of th that it had to assemble them in groups. It called the groups galaxies and the most beloved stars went in the group milkyway.

    Soon her most beloved star transformed it self into a bright shining star. Arceus was very impressed and told the thing to to name the brightest star in the world 'sun'.

    Soon after arceus created the world and it's inhabitants, there were some dark soldiers who found the unused part of the universe where there was a galaxy but it was dark so dark that it felt bright. It contained dark force, a force so strong that it can make one person Immune to everything and removes the immunity of everything! Butbthey weren't able to obtain it as it was one billion light years away.

    The dark galaxy started it's maliciousness and tried to darken other galaxies. The thing had no chpice expect to seal the dark force in a rock and soon the seven dark warriors found it
    This meant chaos for the world as the power was so strong that they could control the sun and moon! Soon they found out if the take the lunar and solar energybthey will be godlike! The thing was weakend by the dark force and by hearing the seven dark warrior's plans it immediately had no choice but to protect them. Alone the thing was incapable of facing them and it went to the state of death. It was the end!

    Soon began the weeks of the dark which were chaotic for lenaroh as peace there was removed and their only hope was to suicide. But the thing didn't give up it used quarter of the solar energy to create solavier the guardian of sun and lunar energy to create lunellero the guardian of moon. And finally Staknight from her own energy. Together all four destroyed the dark warriors and there energy Everthing went peaceful there was only one sorrow the things last breath as her energy was drained and it was unable to stand up. Arceus had developed good bond with the thing and it didn't let it die, so Arceus transformed it into a rock and sealed it in a stone and sent it somewhere in space.

    now team asteroids have found out that solar and lunar energy has enough power for them to complete their plan. And so on they will use solavier/lunellero to unleash the power from them.

    (Sorry for the grammar glitches).