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  • started my adventure
  • got my Bulbasaur and named him SAUR'd
  • defeated my rival, FLORA
  • defeated my rival once again.... t'was @route 22
  • SAUR'd evolved into an Ivysaur
  • defeated Brock
  • defeated Misty
  • -defeated FLORA @north of Cerulean City
  • SAUR'd evolved into a Venusaur
  • defeated FLORA @SS Anne
  • caught a Meowth for cutting
  • defeated Lt Surge
  • got my free bicycle
  • caught some more new Pokemon to get HM Flash
  • taught my Meowth flash
  • defeated FLORA @Pokemon Tower
  • got my Eevee and named him EVE



Secret Power
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder
Razor Leaf


Hidden Power
Quick Attack

HM Slave: Meowth (flash, cut)


Yo. I got a question. darkpokemaster666 chose Eevee as my second pokemon... so can I evolve my Eevee or not?
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DNA from a space virus mutated and became a Pokémon. It appears where auroras are seen.
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