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Slow news day, huh?

On one hand echoing everyone else overreaction etc this is kinda ridiculous. However, of all the responses given so far,
My real question is, why did the girl act like having all that chocolate was a big deal? I mean, she hid it in a toilet bag and in her suitcase lining, which really makes no sense and it just outright odd. If you want some chocolate, bring maybe three or four bars, and maybe some for your friends because I guess this was some kind of bizarre party/ritual centered around eating it, so they'd probably want some too. She treated it like she was sneaking people across the border.
is the one that actually made me think. Maybe there was a valid reason for there being no chocolate allowed? I noticed the article managed to rather skilfully skip over the actual reasoning behind the ban. How do we know that there wasn't a child with very serious allergies, for example? The way that this kid hid the chocolate is to me suggestive of the idea that perhaps the school was especially clear that they didn't want it there, and if they were so tight for a good reason (which I imagine they were), then... I'm kinda questioning what she expected. She was told that she'd be sent home for breaking the rules. She broke the rules. She got sent home. Scandal? I actually think that maybe a lot of details regarding this ban itself have been omitted for the sake of making it seem more ridiculous.

As for the whole letters thing - I'm uncertain but I don't think that, due to child protection laws for teachers, it's illegal to read the mail that a child sends hope while that child is under your temporary care. Necessary or moral? Very arguable depending on the particular children on that trip (for example, do any of them have special situations which need attending to?) but no, I highly doubt it's straight-up illegal.

I'm not backing up the school's actions since I do think they're kinda over-the-top and I do think the letter opening was a bit... shifty, but I don't think this is as big a deal as it's being made out to be. Like, at all. News stories are written like this to make us think something which could be totally reasonable is a huge thing and... yeah. I'll stop now, haha.

I have to wonder though, wtf kind of a chocolate bar did she get for 20p? @__@

Originally Posted by ZachLMedia
I understand things may be different in Europe than over here in North America
Europe is a big continent, dude. And the UK is especially different. You can't really group it together as one group of people who do things one particular way. d:

california dreamin'.
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