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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
One of the threads that I made when I became smod was the Moderator Guidelines. Its by far my most favorite thread that I've created here, and in it, I made a sort of guidebook to someone's first days as a moderator that they would be able to look at as a reference for how to handle problems. I used myself and how I deal with issues as a basis on it.
Wow, there was no such thing before you arrived? That thread is so incredibly helpful and I'm really happy that you took your time and effort to make it, then.

Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
As far as the rules are concerned, I don't care about upholding the majority of them. The only one that I care about is respecting each other, because I feel that that is the only one that should matter. If someone posts in a thread that's been dead for two years, so what? If someone doesn't have four words and twenty-five characters in their post, who cares? Those things, I don't deal with the way that the rules say we should.
Well, the rules are there to give members a hint of how they should act here, right. Some rules are not as important as others (compare pr0n rule to thread revival rule for example), but they are still necessary imo as guidelines and for keeping the forum tidy.

Before I was modded, I was posting a bit crazily much in Pokémon General, I think :x And I still want to say I do! I post in nearly every new topic, unless I really don't have anything to say, and I make new threads as soon as I get an idea for one. Thankfully, a lot of people are making threads now, so there are always something interesting to post in. So generally, I don't behave different from when I wasn't a mod, except that now I can make things happen instead of just complain about things I think should happen, haha...

I have only been a moderator for a month now (not counting the time I was moderating Roleplay Corner, a couple of years ago, because that was a bit different) but I have hardly given out any infractions. I banned one :p Idk, most of the time it's just people posting in the wrong place or not reading the rules properly, so I'll move or lock threads a lot. I would feel weird infracting someone for being a bit clumsy with where they post stuff. Spam is a different thing though; if someone posts less than 4 words and obviously doesn't mean to contribute to the discussion, or if someone is rude or completely offtopic, I don't have many qualms about deleting it. I guess you could tl;dr it as: I'm chill enough.

I have a few favorite things about being a moderator on PC. One is to be able to give out emblems. Admittedly, I've given out quite a few during this month xD Emblems are fun, that's a fact in my head even though some people shrug and say they are tired of them. I love receiving emblems and I like giving emblems out. I made some for Pokémon General and I'm always scouting for members who might deserve them :3

And of course, the staff team. Before, I thought it was a bit redundant how old staff welcomed new staff members and seemed to suddenly want to be friends with them and become part of the gang and yada yada
But now it's not that strange to me anymore. Of course staff should strive to be friends with each other; we work together. We're not a clique, we're colleagues. If we have fun at work, we become more eager to do our job well and it promotes communication between h-staff and mods (at least for me it has) which is great when it comes to picking up on ideas for the forums and events.

My favorite thing to do as a moderator though... is to lock or move a thread :x Don't know why but it gives me satisfaction hahahhaa um. And the bolded username is delicious. All members should have bolded usernames. We'd all look delicious.

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