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    Originally Posted by greenking13 View Post
    Thank you for responding, and I guess that's fine with me.

    Now one more question...(Only because it is one of my favorite pokemon)

    Is there any way to obtain Leafeon or is it one of the pokemon that cannot be obtained?

    (Oh, thought of another one.)

    Also, is this the final version, or could there be revisions later? I noticed that a few of the pokedex entries are incorrect for me.

    Sandile appears as Slakoth. (The entry, not pic, same goes with the rest.)
    Scraggy appears as Makuhita. (Sorry, I probably spelled it wrong.)
    Zorua has Paras's description.
    Drilbur appears as HootHoot.

    That's all I've noticed so far.
    That's the one thing that's bad with the GBA serie games. You can't have all the Eeveevolutions. There's a limit to only 5 evolutions per Pokemon. Eevee in Light Platinum already has Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon. So, Eevee cannot evolve into Glaceon or Leafeon. However, the original Eevee Evolutions aren't so bad. They're actually very good. But still, sorry dude :/ And, I'm making my own update for the game. I figured out how to add over 100 moves to Light Platinum. I'm doing it as I write this, and Pokedex entries...that I could try to fix as well
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